Memory dribble warm-up

  • Place the 17 posters (A4 laminated) of the global goals around the playing area.
  • Each player has a ball to dribble around (could also be played without balls or with balls in hands for beginners). Initially start by letting players have the freedom to dribble around the area and tell them to try to memorise where each of the global goals is.

Then the game begins!

  • When the coach shouts a colour players have to race to dribble their ball to the corresponding poster and you can award points for the fastest to react and tell the goal.
  • Then progress to shouting individual Global Goals for the players to find and do the races again.
  • At the end of the warm-up players should be able to memorise some of the Global Goals and so the coach could delegate choosing the goals to the players. And have them talk about what they could do for that goal.

You could have a competition at the end to memorise the most amount of goals. Let them say as many as they can remember.

Players needed to hunt for different global goals around the pitch and race to find them first. Start with colors – advance with numbers and so forth. The objective is the players familiarise themselves with the goals.

Challenges for the goals

Below videos are some playful ways to have a player pick a goal and do something for it. A goal kick, a dizzy goal, a race. If you want to break a class into small groups where they can do the drills them selves, these are some easy ones. 

Joggle for the Global Goals

Joogle for the goals and score, have them repeat the goals after they kick.


In between games, learn som new tricks, just because its amazing to know.

race for the 17 global goals

Penalty kick for your global goal

Survival Of The Fittest For The Ocean



Global Goals World Cup team, Norway 2017.