What’s the goal?

To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. A world with zero hunger can positively impact our economies, health, education, equality and social development. It’s a key piece of building a better future for everyone. Additionally, with hunger limiting human development, we will not be able to achieve the other sustainable development goals such as education, health and gender equality.

Why does it matter?

Extreme hunger and malnutrition remains a barrier to sustainable development and creates a trap from which people cannot easily escape. Hunger and malnutrition mean less productive individuals, who are more prone to disease and thus often unable to earn more and improve their livelihoods. There are nearly 800 million people who suffer from hunger worldwide, the vast majority in developing countries.



Score as many goals in a short time. If the player run into a cone, the player leaves the ball – and less food to distribute.

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by Becca Todd, United Kingdom

Description of the game

  • The goal represents a hungry mouth – the balls represents food.
  • A number of soccer balls are lined up in front of a goal.
  • Players line up and are ready to do penalty kicks.
  • Players and balls line up in front of the goal.
  • The coach will shout whenever the mouth is hungry.
  • The players has to kick as fast as they can and score as many goals as possible before the coach shouts STOP.
  • Players must constantly be ready to help line more balls up and kick one at a time.


  • Use more goals / feed more mouths.

Advance the game

  • Use smaller goals.
  • Line the balls up further and further from goal.


  • Players: Minimum 1 player and 1 goal.
  • Area: Any size that you have can work
  • Materials: Goal and balls.

Football tips for strikers

  • For shooting technique, use the inside of the foot for accuracy (it has a larger surface area than other parts of the foot) or, to generate more power- shoot with the "laces" (the front) of your foot.
  • Spread your arms out to balance.
  • Follow through after striking the ball in the direction of your shot to get more power and accuracy.

Football Tips for goalkeepers

  • Stand on the balls of your feet with bent knees so that you can react quickly.
  • Hands out wide to fill the goal and intimidate the strikers!
  • Watch the ball carefully, you can also look at the body position of the striker to help you to judge which way they will shoot.

Kick Hunger Away

by Steven O’Reilly, Chelsea FC Foundation, Bangkok

Description of the game

  • If you were hungry you could not do this drill, you need food and water to take all these runs and kicks
  • Players dribble across the field and tries to score on a goal keeper.
  • When players score – they kick hunger away and can keep going, if they do not score they change place with the goalkeeper and the keeper takes over the dribble.
  • Each players has a ball and will kick their penalty kick from behind the dotted line.
  • The players has to score as many goals as possible
  • After a player scores a goal he/she dribbles the ball around the goals and as fast as possible to the other end without loosing the ball.
  • If a player miss the goal he/she just he don’t get a point.


  • Change direction and the players have to kick with the other foot.
  • This can also be done dribbling around (school) buildings if you don’t have access to goals. Have the players touch a certain spot, a tree etc.

Advance the game

  • Use smaller goals.
  • Extent the distance from dotted lines to goals.
  • Players have to work together two and two.
  • Add cones and obstacles.


  • Players: This game could be run with numbers of players doing the drill, as long as they don’t get bored waiting in a queue.
  • Area: Any size that you have can work.
  • Materials: One ball for each player is ideal.
  • Level: All players.
  • Ideal for age/grade: Everyone can have fun with this.
  • Estimated time from start to end: Use this game as a warm up or a short break during a school day and lesson.

Fun way to warm-up to this game
This could be a great warm up. As the players dribble they can do many moves.

How to create a game situation

Same game, but divide the group into 2-3 or 4 teams. This time you time the game and count how many goals they score in 2 minutes. This can be repeated several times.

Create Game situation

There are so many great ways to create a game. Allow the players to be quite creative with this by introducing the goal at the beginning of the match and asking them how this could be included:  Do one team have a big goal and the other a small. Do everybody play with a glas of water or change a rule every minute. 

A simple way to bring in the Global Goals when playing a match, is that every time a team scores or make a save, or during a water break they can double their points or get a point by stating a Global Goal and what they could do to help promote this in their community. Easiest to play small side games with 3-6 players, so they can hear each other.

You can always have several games going at the same time. There are some rule ideas under Goal 17.

HOW DO PLAYERS FUEL THEIR BODIES before and after training?

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If you have time, give the players a chance to talk solutions, and how they them selve can do something in their every day.

  • Discuss how you can help reach zero hunger in your community / in the world.
  • Discuss droughts, sustainable food solutions, food sharing etc.
  • Discuss how every individual have the power to channel positive energies and that change is possible.
  • Discuss how the players can drive the change the want.
  • What other Global Goals is supported when reaching this goal?
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When you and your players create your own drills for the global goals, please share it. Every game counts.

Describe your game in a drawing and add a few words and send it to us.

As a thank you we will share your Impact Game under the relevant Goal here on the website and of course crediting you and your team!

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